The Bank Bar Opens it’s Vaults

We have just finished an interesting sound installation. The Bank Bar in Folkestone, Kent, was originally a bank, being taken over a while ago and transformed into a bar and nightclub. The vaults are used as part of the club as are the safes, making different areas for people to mingle. With a successful restaurant above, in the original banking centre, the vaults underneath are ideal for loud music and plenty of people.

Obviously, originally being a bank means the walls are very thick – you can see in some of the gallery photos just how solid this building is, ensuring that sound proofing was not an issue! The safe door is even still in situe, which adds to the authenticity of it’s surroundings.

Will Lim the owner, contacted Old Barn Audio and made a decision very quickly, that he wanted to work with an experienced company, using high quality products. So we popped over to Folkestone, carried out a site survey and the install was completed in January.

In total, we installed:

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