The Keys in Yarm upgrade to Martin Audio

The Keys Nightclub and Restaurant in Yarm have upgraded part of the their existing Martin Audio system to the highly respected Martin Audio AQ28.  Originally equipped with Martin Audio EM26, the new Friday-night disco area is now served with four Martin Audio AQ28 and a single Martin Audio WS18X sub speaker and augmented with two Martin Audio AQ210 subs buried beneath the seating area.

Andy Chambers, manager at The Keys, approached Old Barn Audio for this upgrade and to look at the existing control system for the other two nightclub areas in the complex along with the two restaurant areas and bar servery.  The existing processing was removed and upgraded to the award winning BSS BLU-100 processor and two BSS BLU-8v2 wall panels to control the eight zones and five input sources to network the entire building.

The small existing QSC amplifiers powering the Martin Audio EM speakers were removed and upgraded to Martin Audio MA2.0 and MA3.0 amplifiers to suit.  Finally, London Architect Custom Control Panels were designed as a master-overide facility enabling the duty manager to walk around the entire site and, using their existing wi-fi network, control their entire system via laptop or tablet computer.