The Venue Nightclub in Manchester

Old Barn Audio were pleased to be approved as contractors for the new sound system at The Venue nightclub in Manchester. This famed nightclub has grown and is getting busier and busier, meaning they have extended the nightclub area and have new space for customers.

We proposed that the the control of the lighting and audio systems be centralised, for both floors of The Venue, making perfect sense in this digital age.  To be able to walk around with a tablet and change any given parameter required is a fantastic tool to have, to ensure the end experience for the customer as well as ensuring any license terms are met for volume and neighbour disturbance.  Both systems are run/triggered from the Symetrix audio controller that, within its software, enabling us to send serial control commands to the new ChamSys lighting system.  All control can then be carried out from one place and totally bespoke to meet the needs of the club.  Having open-ended architecture means they can add or change the control as and when the club demands it without any further expenditure.

OBA also installed two Martin Audio CDD8 wall speakers for the newly expanded side room as requested.  Also installed into the side room was a Powersoft 14d amplifier. Linking in the fact that new processors with onboard modern DSP connected to new switch-mode amplifiers will aid the sound we achieve from the OHM TRS speakers the nightclub has at present as well.

The fun bit of installation was the CO2 cannons! OBA also added Pioneer CDJ2000 DJ decks & a DJM2000 mixer.

Lastly, OBA included a 10” Windows tablet that will be programmed to offer control of the club.   We programmed this to offer audio as well as lighting control.

Old Barn Audio have huge experience in nightclub sound installations and work throughout the UK and abroad, installing quality systems that create amazing sound within each club.

If you have a nightclub and want to chat, then either call us on 01892 752246, email us or fill in the contact form and someone will be in touch, that way you can participate in the wooden watch big give away we are doing.


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