University of Kent Install Loop Systems with Old Barn Audio

As the Chatham Dockyard site re-develops itself into a tourist attraction, certain parts of it are being converted into housing, business units as well as teaching facilities.  The University of Kent have recently acquired The Sail & Colour Loft and have spent the last 6-12 months converting it into a state-of-the-art teaching facility and Old Barn Audio were approached to install all of the induction loop systems.

The Building, measuring over 50m in length, has been separated into eight hi-tech classrooms all with full AV systems plus a bespoke cancellation loop designed by Old Barn Audio to avoid spillage from classroom to classroom.

With the help of SigNET, Old Barn Audio built the entire infrastructure into the fabric of the building allowing a seamless and sleek image to each of the classroom – mixing the very new with almost 300 years of sailing heritage.

Please contact Old Barn Audio Ltd on +44(0)1892 752246 for further information