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Completion of PAVA Project at Lee Valley VeloPark

This week Old Barn Audio completed the technically challenging PAVA Project (Public Address Voice Alarm) at the Lee Valley Olympic VeloPark in Stratford.

Via bespoke software writing and implementation, automated evacuation messages are now relayed in the event a fire emergency strike point, or smoke alarms are triggered. The speaker systems in the main arena and all surrounding offices, work areas & plant rooms etc are the primary emergency evacuation tool. Accordingly, the system now perpetually monitors itself for faults and relays continually back to the system control hardware.

Any fault signified flashes on the control screens and immediately sends an email notification to the Centre Duty Managers and Old Barn Audio’s headquarters.

All above meets or exceeds the British Standard Health & Safety Specifications for large auditoriums and stadia in keeping with the Lee Valley philosophy.

Photos taken from the Lee Valley Website.