Martin Audio Contractor Installs

All Martin Audio Contractor Installs, including the C115 install loudspeaker is visually unobtrusive and designed to blend with its surroundings in a wide variety of locations, such as retail outlets, hotels, bars, restaurants, health clubs, leisure centres, theme parks and airports.

Martin Audio Contractor InstallsOmniLine® delivers consistent audio coverage with unprecedented accuracy in a wide variety of architectural environments, using just one amplifier channel per array in many applications. By utilising a complement of unique, Martin Audio designed drivers, and mechanical alignment techniques, simple EQ and Limiting is the only processing required.

Martin Audio Install line array systems combine innovative horn-loading techniques with line array technology to produce extremely powerful systems with maximum dynamic impact.  By combining proven and patentable driver-loading techniques with no-compromise vertically-coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns, the Martin Audio line arrays achieve levels of efficiency and coverage consistency not usually found in this popular format.

Designed to offer performance features not normally associated with install ceiling product, the Ceiling Series brings Martin Audio innovation and sound quality to this market sector. Providing smooth articulate sound with high intelligibility this range of products proves that sonic performance need not be sacrificed to meet the requirements of a life safety system.

Martin Audio installations are a massive part of Old Barn Audio’s business, as they have full sub-distributor status.

So in summary, the range of Martin Audio Contractor Installs we offer at Old Barn Audio are:

Omniline a micro-line array that delivers consistent audio coverage with unprecedented accuracy in a wide variety of environments including churchs, museums, sports & conference venues, shopping malls, transport terminals, restaurants & theatres
W8LCI a compact, yet full bandwidth line array enclosure designed to bring superb next-generation line array performance to concert, theatre and commercial events
W8LCDI a compact, wide dispersion, vertically arrayable enclosure designed for the fixed installation market. It can be used individually or in small quantities, but fewer are required than expected
W8LMI a compact three way line array enclosure designed to bring line array performance to small and medium scale applications in the fixed installation market
W8LMDI a mini, very wide-dispersion vertically arrayable enclosure. It can be used individually and in small quantities for short to medium throw applications as well as a downfill element for W8LMI systems
ASX an ultra-high performance active subwoofer, which is a revolution in ultra-efficient, low frequency sound reproduction. Ideal for premium club installations, stadium installations & theme park special effects
C4.8T an extremely compact, ceiling mounted, two-way vented enclosure. This is a two-way flush mount loudspeaker designed to deliver high performance in a wide range of applications. Especially ideal for low ceiling environments
C6.8T a ceiling mounted, two-way vented enclosure, featuring a bass driver and dome tweeter. This is ideal for flush mounted applications where full frequency performance and wide dispersion are required from a compact, ported enclosure
C8.1T a ceiling mounted, two-way vented enclosure, specifically designed for higher ceilings, where its high SPL capability and controlled 90° dispersion enable it to provide excellent intelligibility in more reverberant rooms. Great for bars and restaurants

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