Crown Amplifiers

Along with Martin Audio, Powersoft and OHM installations, we are also installers of Crown amplifiers for the pro audio market. Yet another superior amplifier that will be installed into many genres of venue. Installations include cafes, restaurants, wedding venues and bars, through to churches, cathedrals and large sports stadiums. As installers of Crown amplifiers, Old Barn Audio can offer alternatives for many sound installations.

HARMAN Professional is part of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. A leading manufacturer of high-quality, high fidelity audio products and infotainment systems for the automotive, home and professional markets.

Crown Audio is proud to be part of the HARMAN Professional family.

In 1947 an Elkhart, an Indiana minister named Clarence C. Moore founded the International Radio and Electronics Corporation (IREC). Which, over the years, has become better known as Crown Audio Inc. Crown Audio is now an industry leader in amplified sound. Crown makes amps for cinema venues, installed sites, touring rigs, portable PA and commercial audio. With over 67 years of focus on innovation and providing the best user experience, Crown Audio is continually raising the bar in audio amplification.

Acquired by Harman International in March of 2000, Crown has continued to move forward, producing numerous innovative designs, such as the DriveCore™ Install (DCi) series that was released in 2013. This series features both analog and Network amplifiers for the installed sound market. Using just one tiny chip to replace over 500 parts makes the DCi series of amplifiers the most reliable and innovative amplifier on the market today. These products and more embody the reliability and innovativeness that have long been the manufacturer’s hallmarks. Crown today continues to delight its customers with products that consistently exceed both specifications and expectations, even on the most demanding tours and installations.

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