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Dorchester Abbey

Dorchester Abbey To Upgrade Using Dante Networking

Old Barn Audio were originally contacted to go and carry out a site visit at Dorchester Abbey. The sound system that was already installed was not efficient and not working to the specification that it had been designed for.

They had 2 symetrix units already installed and one was not working, so they contacted Old Barn Audio and have ultimately decided to upgrade their systems

Having now seen the install, it is obvious that a ‘hands on’ end result is what is needed, but using install designed products.  The Symetrix Jupiter(s) that they currently have is to be retained and added to but a decision to move to the high-end Symetrix Radius EX using the Dante networking, is an obvious choice to offer future proofing for the Abbey, as well as the choice to augment many of the existing systems and equipment into the new system and utilise all forms of serial control functionality it offers.

Dante Networking

In 2006 Audinate brought to market, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology characterized by near-zero latency and network-wide synchronization. They called the technology “Dante”.

In 2007 Symetrix recognized the need for a high-performance and standardized multi-channel digital audio networking technology not only for its own products but for the pro audio industry at large. After considerable research, Symetrix signed with Audinate to become one of the very early licensees of the Dante networking solution.

The Upgrade

Even though the Radius 12×8 EX is from the same company, the software differs vastly in its programming style than that of the fixed architecture of the Jupiter.  The initial setup, design, implementation, tuning and teaching has to be taken into account in this initial upgrade.

Once on site, Old Barn will fully install the two Symetrix products and link them via UTP CAT5e(6) cable. This will enable them to reside on the same network and be seen on the same screen for ease of use, which was requested in the original brief.  The entire system will then be integrated into their Wi-Fi network, as well as setup of all of the tablet protocol and software and tune the room for both EQ and delay timings.  From there, individual microphones will have their own EQ set to offer the best possible performance from the entire system and audio chain.  The network facility will then be remotely setup so we can talk to the system from the Old Barn Audio offices, to enable technical changes to be made, which may be necessary.

Dorchester AbbeyLastly, we will then spend time going through the system software, our design and then tailoring the initial setup to the exact needs of Dorchester Abbey.  From there a one-to-one lesson will be held, explaining the basic system tools and how to make changes and design the custom screens.

Once this has all been completed, and The Abbey have used the system for a while, we can then return and tender for the integration of all of the serial control of external devices, setup the protocols for this and design the custom control screens.

If you need either your system reconfiguring, or a full church sound installation, then please get in touch or call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246.