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Powersoft K10 Amplifier

Events Company Buys Powersoft Amps

Old Barn Audio like to work with repeat customers. So when Steve Allan of SA Events contacted them about buying some new products they were only too happy to help. SA Events specialises in events and works in many theatres, so these amps are necessary to create effective sound, along with the Martin Audio speakers Steve has bought from Old Barn Audio in the past.

So for this transaction, he has added to his amplifiers and systems by buying:

1 x Powersoft K10 amplifier
1 x Martin Audio DX0.5 processor
1 x Powersoft K3 amplifier
1 x Powersoft M20d amplifier

If you are interested in purchasing speakers, subwoofers amplifiers or processors, then please get in touch, either by calling us on 01892 752246, email or via our contact form.