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How to choose a good sound installation company

So you need some upgraded sound equipment. The sound, lighting and visual aids in your business venue are dated and now not adequate for your needs. But you don’t know how to choose a good sound installation company. Do you go on recommendation? The company website? Reviews? Their experience? It is a minefield and you want to choose well – this will be a big commitment and you need to know that you are getting value for money.

Well all of the above is really important – you should take the time to carry out some research on the work each company has carried out, so you can see for yourself who you would like to work with. There are many great sound and audio visual companies in the UK, so it is important to pick the right one. Talking to them on the phone is also a good idea – people always buy from people they like…

What is your industry?

Past experience is also a good one to start with; find a company who has worked extensively with the your genre of business. If you are a church, then it is a good idea to pick an installation company who has worked with churches before. Don’t choose a business who has no experience in this field – they may not understand the potential problems that a church sound installation could incur.  Acoustics can be a challenge – you have an amazing space but this is a double edged sword as it can also provide possible pitfalls. You need a competent company who has worked within this industry. Aside from the acoustics, you may not know exactly what system would be best for your place of worship, so using an experienced company, would mean they will know exactly what fits in best with the space and requirements you have. Audio visual is normally always a consideration in churches now and so the system needs to accommodate this as well.

The same goes with nightclubs, restaurants or bars. You want fantastic sound for whichever event you are holding, which room within your venue you are requiring sound for and also you need someone who knows how to pull it all together. You need advice from someone who really knows the industry, so they can help you understand what will work best for you and your business.

Outdoor venues, sporting facilities as well as large open spaces such as for festivals, arenas and stadiums have different requirements, so again, you need to talk with an expert. As well as that there is a massive surge in indoor sports facilities such as trampoline centres, gymnasiums and other styles of keep fit venues

And with schools you must ensure that your budget is spent wisely and you create an effective system that works for staff and pupils alike.

How we can help

Neil and Phil, the directors, have over 40 years highly qualified experience between them, working with all aspects of sound; from playing in bands themselves, through to installing top quality equipment, as well as audio visual and lighting, these guys certainly have exceptional knowledge and longevity in their field.

So if you are wondering how to choose a good sound installation company, then just pick up the phone and chat with one of them. This is the company website; these are the reviews and this is how much experience the guys at Old Barn Audio have.

Just give them a call on 01892 752246 or please leave your details and someone will get back to you.