Sound System Installations

Keys in Yarm


When you install sound systems for nightclubs, there are only two things on the mind of the owner of the club and the installer – how much will this cost and how much bass can…

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Sound systems for bars and restaurants

Bars & Restaurants

Sound Systems for Bars and Restaurants although sounding simple, bring their own challenges. The venue may have different clientele throughout the day and those customers will probably want different types and levels of music coming…

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Church sound systems


Old Barn Audio have installed church sound systems in well over 300 churches and places of worship and have a massive amount of experience and advice they can offer.  Normally it will be the vicar…

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Audio or sound systems for schools can vary dramatically.  A school has many areas that can benefit from an audio system from the classrooms to the corridors to the main school hall and all of…

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Football Stadiums

Old Barn Audio are proud to say they have worked on various large sound systems in football stadiums, as well as other high profile sporting venues, both in the UK and abroad. The sports industry…

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Sporting Venues

Old Barn Audio are proud to say they have worked on various large sound systems for sporting venues over the last few years. The sports industry in the UK as well as abroad is massive;…

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Golf Clubs

Old Barn Audio have worked on various sound systems for golf clubs over the last few years. Golf is a massive industry and it is vital that players feel they are getting good value for…

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Rebound Trampoline Centre Sound Installation

Trampoline Centres

New trampoline centres are opening on a monthly basis. With the focus on fun as well as fitness, there are many centres now either opening or being refurbished in major UK towns but also in many quieter…

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Gymnasium Sound Systems

Gyms & Clubs

In the age where fitness is everything and many people are looking to achieve a level of fitness that is acceptable to them, whether it’s once a week or 5 days a week, gymnasiums are…

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Stadium speaker installations

Stadiums & Arenas

Stadium and Arena sound systems can be hugely complicated in their design due to the sheer scale of the venue.  A stadium, for example, is an open air venue which can hold many tens of…

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Sound systems for theatres


Efficient and effective theatre sound systems are becoming more and more important as, over the years these wonderful venues are being modernised or reopened, due to them becoming more and more popular. With so many…

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Other Installations

Old Barn Audio offer a wide range of specialist and bespoke audio installation services throughout Kent, Sussex, London and the South East. Since 1989, we have been commissioning every kind of audio installation known. We…

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Over the years, Old Barn Audio has created some quite frankly amazing sound. Working with our customers to create something really special for each business, we will tailor our sound system installations to the requirements of your business.

All of Old Barn Audio’s audio and sound installations start and finish in the same way – regardless of size of contract, building or price. It is always imperative, in order to offer the correct advice, to see the venue and physically see the space. Just to be able to stand in a room gives us the aura and atmosphere of what the building is capable of producing and what complement of speakers are required.

During this initial sound installations meeting, we discuss what the venue will be used for and how best to keep an eye on the future, future-proofing the system, which is very important to us. To be able to ensure our customers investment is protected against changes in the industry and new technology is crucial in our Old Barn Audio work ethos.

After this initial meeting, a fully detailed quote is supplied, with speaker placement design so each customer will have a clear plan, going forward  Once agreed, a full schedule of works will be given, including a work timeline, generated to fit in with the customers current commitments.

Once the audio or sound system installation is complete, the contract will be signed off and fully handed over to the customer. At this point, your full warranty with us begins as well as the standard manufacturers warranty commitments.

We have worked in some amazing venues, We only work with the best products and have completed effective and superb sound system installations into some great venues. Read more about what people have said about us.