Church Sound Systems

Old Barn Audio have installed church sound systems in well over 300 churches and places of worship. They have an extraordinary amount of experience and advice they can offer.  Period buildings can need sensitive handling. Old Barn Audio are extremely efficient and effective in designing a bespoke and wireless sound and video system that will meet all the needs of a church as well as all parishioners.

Church Sound Systems Installation

Normally it will be the vicar or volunteer staff who will be organising the updates to speaker systems. They generally know very little about what they need, to create great sound within the church. This is where Old Barn Audio will help and advise, giving all the options of what is available and what would be best for each specific venue.

Church sound systems can be very simple and unobtrusive. From just a few speakers and a microphone, serving less than a hundred perhaps; to a full blown line array system, offering sound reinforcement to many thousands. More and more, Old Barn Audio are installing new speaker systems into church buildings, mosques and synagogues, as they move on and require great sound, up to date technology and perfect hearing for all parishioners.

Once a request has been made, Old Barn Audio will visit the church and meet with the vicar or representative, to discuss the needs for the new church sound system.  On many occasions this can cover not only the sound installation, but induction loop systems, lighting systems and also visual equipment too. Once the initial meeting has taken place, a fully specified quotation is submitted, normally offering two system options. These will be at given prices, to offer the committee some discussion points.  These prices are naturally dependent on how many zones there are within the church building. Denoting the number of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, monitors and ancillary parts that will be required.

Church Sound Systems

Old Barn Audio will generally install speakers, amplifiers, mixers and microphones into church sound systems. This enables the place of worship to have a fully functioning system, with perfect acoustic sound throughout. This will focus on where the congregation will be seated, as well as the rest of the church. Wireless system technology is ideal for these venues as the sound can then be matched to the size of the congregation. Along with an effective induction loop system, this will mean everyone gets to hear. With today’s technology, the audio designer is able to put more into parts and less into labour, meaning you will get far more for your money.

The soundcraft UI wireless mixers are IP based. So any wireless device, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet can be used to access the mixer. This makes it incredibly easy to adjust the sound within the church and works really well in all places of worship.

Worship bands are very common these days in most churches and all of Old Barn Audio’s designs for church sound systems cater for these too.  Taking into account all types of instrument, the sound system would be tailored to suit.  For example, if drums and bass guitars are part of the worship band, then sub speakers would be included in the quote.

Like any sound installation in a venue, no two are the same. Old Barn Audio use all their experience to advise the customer what is required. Not only for today’s usage, but also for future expansion to protect their investment.

Please take a look at some of the church sound installations that Old Barn Audio have recently been commissioned to complete.

Typical Church Sound Installation

Below is an example design for a sound system installed into a church in Hastings.  It shows multiple microphone inputs, as well as the main mix from the worship band.  The output stages are routed to multiple amplifiers. Serving many zones of speakers, along with sends to the loop amplifier and digital recorder :

Church sound systems

In this install, we used Martin Audio AQ5 and Martin Audio AQ6 speakers. However we generally install a mix of the fantastic Martin Audio CDD Series – amazingly small and discreet speakers with ideal sound for church sound systems

Next Steps

If you want to enquire about church sound systems, or indeed an effective church lighting system as well, then please contact Old Barn Audio. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246,by email or our contact form and someone will be in touch.