Gymnasium Sound Systems

In the age where fitness is everything and many people are looking to achieve a level of fitness that is acceptable to them, whether it’s once a week or 5 days a week, gymnasiums are now the place to go, where all levels of fitness are welcomed.

Gymnasium Sound Systems

Effective Gymnasium Sound Systems

The quality of the equipment used is normally top notch. Whether it is gym machinery, free weights or the softer side of the gym world. However, with all the competition out there, your gym is somewhere you either go to train hard, spend an enjoyable hour with friends, or just to train on your own.

What most reputable places do insist on though, is fantastic gymnasium sound systems. There really is nothing worse than attending a pilates class, high energy calisthenics class, cross fit or using free weights, to crackly music that breaks up and cannot be heard clearly. This definitely does not put you in the zone for fitness!

Gymnasium Sound Systems

Old Barn Audio are specialists in gymnasium sound systems. Along with a wireless media player that can be synced from an IOS device such as iPad, iPhone or even MP3 player, memory stick or CD player. They offer cutting edge technology so the music can be accessed from wherever you are in your gym.

Typical Products Used

You may consider the compact Martin Audio CDD series, that offers cutting edge technology. From the CDD5 and CDD6 speakers that will be ideal for most standard sized gyms. Right up to the huge Martin Audio CDD15 range that would be for much larger venues. There are many manufacturers of gymnasium sound systems. However, the Martin Audio CDD Series is an exceptionally priced range of speakers. They will work effectively in the noisiest of rooms – even spin classes!

Ceiling speakers may also be necessary in certain areas, such as the OHM CL2-TD or the OHM CL1-TD.

Gymnasium Sound SystemsPlease take a look at some of the sporting venues that Old Barn Audio have worked with. Sound systems for sporting venues is a massive growing market and one that OBA are proud to be a part of.

Next Steps

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