Background Music Systems

Background music systems will always have a place in the pro audio market that Old Barn Audio are a huge part of.

From a modest twin speaker system to a multi-zoned indoor/outdoor system with music, information and tannoy facilities. Some background music systems include a variety of on-board sounds, including a pre-announcement chime or an evacuation signal.

Background music systemsOur discreet sound systems can have wall mounted, floor mounted, pendant or ceiling speakers and we work with some of the best products around. They will also be colour coordinated to suit your décor and environment. With central or local volume controls for all zones as required, controlled with an easy to use tablet. Microphones will be included with voice over priority in all or selected zones.

Zoning is an important aspect in any large background music systems we install. Music or speech will be directed to as many or as few areas as required, even over longer distances. Zoning will make any system multi-functional and is highly cost effective.

Via our own recording studios, public information can be purpose recorded and supplied
digitally. The media will be used for special promotional material or general information and looped into the background music disks to be played at timed intervals.

Background music systems are ideal in restaurants, hotels, public shopping centres as well as anywhere where music is required at a soft level. But with the capability of broadcasting public information, where necessary.

Our products

We only work with the best in the pro audio market. Martin Audio, Ohm, Crown and Powersoft Amps are our preferred choice, with Chauvet being used a lot in our lighting projects.

Background Music Systems in a wedding venue

Want to work with us too?

Are you charged with creating exceptional sound as well as light within your venue? If so then we can create you a bespoke venue design for any background music systems that are required. Whether it is a restaurant, bar, nightclub or hotel, then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either call on 01892 752246email us or fill in the Enquiry Form.

Background Music Systems