Stadium & Arena Sound Systems

Stadium and Arena sound systems can be hugely complicated in their design. Due to the sheer scale of the venue.  A stadium is an open air venue which can hold many tens of thousands of people. It is the job of the sound designer to ensure distributed sound is available to every seat in the house.

However, it can be tackled in a number of ways.  Firstly, weather-proof products from the Martin Audio range are perfect for all aspects of audio delivery. Including vocal projection and background music.    These types of speakers can be arrayed in groups through the venue. Aimed or zoned to different areas of the auditorium. Supplemented with dedicated sub bass modules, systems can be augmented to cater for a wide range of applications.

Stadium & Arena Sound Systems

Line array systems are the next step up. The investment in line array is becoming justified due to the speed of installation, reduced cabling and infrastructure. This then compounds into less amplifiers and control systems. All in all a great solution all round.  Typical products for this would be the Martin Audio WPC or the Martin Audio WPM. Unlike other touring line array systems, these are ideal for large installations.  The rigging hardware on these install versions is less, so the price is less also for the same speaker performance.

The last option would entail more point source speakers, such as the Martin Audio XD15. If zoned correctly, this would sound superb.  The dispersion and throw may not be ideal for really large venues, but if the zones are small and the speakers under cover, work excellently.  The only down side is the large cabling and control infrastructure that has to be deployed but, on the flip side, the speaker price compared with line array, is dramatically reduced.

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