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Martin Audio CDD6

Kent Restaurant Confirms with OBA

We have just confirmed another new job for OBA in a popular venue in Kent. The customer had found us through an internet search and made an enquiry. They have just taken over barn conversion and want a high quality sound system for their new restaurant.

We have designed a system, as requested, taking into account the quality and professionalism they are after.  Their desire is to have fantastic quality at both low and high volumes, which has been covered and will give years of faultless service.

The bar and the downstairs dining area have been equipped with Martin Audio CDD6 arrayed to offer seamless coverage both at low volume or, if needed, at higher SPL’s.  The upstairs dining area will be equipped with a pair of slightly larger Martin Audio CDD8 enclosures.  The space and design dictates that two would be a better solution and, as a sub is needed in this zone, one of Martin Audio’s CSX112 subs has been chosen to perfectly complement the CDD8’s.

Four OHM high quality ceiling speakers are then to be installed, one in each enclosed cubicle and one in the toilet foyer.

The Electronics

The 4-zone Cloud zoning mixer offers complete routing from any of its six inputs to any of the four zones depicted above.  So, all zones could play something different, if needed, but the same music can still be played in many of the zones.  The upstairs dining will probably be the only zone that would perhaps be playing something different – especially if a private hire is in progress.

To that end, OBA have included two separate audio plug-in points – one behind each bar.  So, if anyone wants to play something different, plugging in an iPod or iPhone is a simple task.  Three volume/source selector wall panels have been included.

All amplification will be from Crown who have built in DSP so the venue can be bespokely tuned and the front panels locked so no one can change anything except for volume from the wall panels.

So in summary, this pretty Kent venue is to have an exceptional sound system, including the following:

This is an ideal job for Old Barn Audio, both in the planning and design as well as the installation of an exceptional sound system. If you too have a bar and restaurant and want great sound, then please get in touch, either by calling us on 01892 752246, email or via our contact form.