General News

Lee Valley Hockey Centre

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Lee Valley Trust, we are very proud to have been awarded the audio installation project at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. This will be completed in readiness for the upcoming and highly prestigious Women’s Hockey World Cup, commencing in July 2018.

Along with the Lee Valley Ice Centre, Athletics Centre and White Water Rafting Centre, we have received excellent testimonials and are excited to deliver a premier system to all 20,000 seats, within the stands and across the hockey stadium, once the project has been completed.

The Project

The East Stand currently has a cantilevered canopy. Old Barn Audio will be installing 6 off 15″ Martin Audio speakers, serving the stand seats and the uncovered seated areas to either side of the canopy.

The South Stand will have 5 Poles, fixed to the concrete floor and further supported by the existing fence. 5 off 15″ Martin Audio speakers will be mounted on the poles and arrayed to suit all seats.

We will then be installing the cabling required in the North and West Stands to accommodate the current seating, as well as a large additional temporary West Stand and another new area within the North Stand.

This project is to be completed in two phases for Old Barn Audio, with a further 7 and 5 speakers to be installed into the West and North Stands respectively, once the World Cup has finished. Due to a larger seating capacity necessary to accommodate the number of people who will be watching the World Cup, temporary seating and sound will be installed in the interim.

A total of 23 x Martin Audio 15″ outdoor stadium speakers will be installed for this hugely popular stadium, with bespoke mounting brackets and collars and a specially designed weather resistant outer coating. There will also be 6 Martin Audio M50 amplifiers, a 32 channel digital console, multiple UHF radio systems, plus all necessary electronics and Dante networking to effectively run the new outdoor sound system.

If you have a sporting stadium and are looking for an effective outdoor sound system then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either by calling us on 01892 752246, emailing us or filling in the Enquiry Form. We work throughout the UK as well as abroad, installing quality sound systems for many sporting venues.