Lighting for Wedding Venues

For wedding venues, word of mouth recommendations, ratings and social media are key to a venues success. Lighting for wedding venues is also a major part of this success. Couples want vivid saturated colours to light up the room on their special day. Lighting not only creates an atmosphere, but it also transforms an otherwise boring room into a beautiful experience.

Unlike other lighting installations, a fixed solution for a wedding venue is much more simple and effective. Who wants to be running out cables and focusing lights before the couple arrive? It is far more practical to have a hardwired system available in various colours and presets at the touch of a button. Typically a venue will be looking for wall washing only. DJ’s and evening entertainment tend to bring their own systems, but we are able to supply systems capable of this. Please see our nightclub page.

A typical install:

Lighting for wedding venuesDepending on the size of the room, an install of LED battens at the top and bottom of each wall are a good starting point. The SL Strip from Phillips is available in a variety of colours, making it able to blend into the room. It has high output long life LED’s specifically designed for wall washing.

Lighting for wedding venuesBlock lighting can start to look boring without a bit of texture to it. By installing some ETC source 4 profiles with breakup gobo’s in them, we can simply and subtly add some texture to the room.

The whole system can be controlled from three preset stations positioned in staff locations around the room.

The plan below shows a birds eye view of the above set up:

Lighting for wedding venues

Lighting for wedding venuesA highly recommended add on set of equipment for lighting for wedding venues, is the Chauvet Well 2.0 System. Chauvet well is a self contained portable uplighter. Whilst your space is installed with a beautiful looking system, staff can position the wells anywhere in the venue and provide the same good look in whichever locations are being used. The well is battery operated, wireless DMX , standalone and also rain resistant.

Lighting for wedding venuesYou really can put these devices anywhere! With a use time of around 8 hours, the well comes in flightcases of 6 units. These can either be connected to your main system, or used as a standalone system.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss incredible sound or indeed lighting for wedding venues, please contact Old Barn Audio. Either on +44(0) 1892 752246, by email or our contact form and someone will be in touch.