Lighting Systems for Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Systems for Bars & Restaurants have a certain amount in common with nightclub lighting. This is true in the sense of trying to create an inviting and interesting atmosphere for the customers. Lights can alter moods and really lift the level of an experience. Lighting often needs to be adaptable for the time of day and use of the area. A fresh feel in the morning whilst serving coffee and a vivid colourful room for evening cocktails. Similar to the nightclub settings, there are two key areas to focus on, firstly the architectural and atmospheric lighting. Secondly the effect lighting for live acts and DJ sets.
Lighting Systems for Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Systems for Bars & RestaurantsArchitectural lighting can be enhanced in two ways for lighting systems for bars & restaurants. To add colour and to make features of the existing architectural detail. The most simple and effective way of adding colour to the room is to use LED battens such as the Phillips Showline SL series. These powerful strips are available in a variety of colours allowing them to blend into the background. Being RGBW they can create almost any colour. Another great way of making a room look interesting is to use breakup gobo’s. These simple patterns add texture to the look and feel and can turn boring block light into a beautiful image and talking point.

Lighting Systems for Bars & RestaurantsThe ETC source 4 mini is a hybrid of the popular source 4 profile and a par 16 lamp. This powerful unit has its own optics allowing it to accept gobo’s, and being able to fit in the palm of your hand, they can blend right into the room. The source 4 mini is also a fantastic fixture for architectural lighting. With the optical system previously mentioned comes the possibility to frame the beam using the fixtures four shutters. This allows you to create shapes with the light or put a frame around a sign.

Rigs for live acts and DJ sets

More increasingly bars and restaurants regularly have a live act or DJ playing in the evenings. Whilst the room is now beautifully lit for the customers, a live act or DJ will require a little more to lift their performance. The size of the performance space and the sort of acts that will be performing will largely dictate the style of lighting systems for bars & restaurants that you will need installed. The best way is to look at all options in the actual space during a site visit and we can advise the best fixtures for you. Typically a range of both wash and profile moving lights and a wash of LED Parcan’s will be sufficient and transform any performance.

The whole system will be pre programmed with different lighting states to suit all anticipated occasions. A control panel will be placed in a convenient location for members of staff to control the lighting as they see fit. The simple push button preset system is really as easy as just pushing a button. For those requiring a more sophisticated system, a customisable touch screen system is also available.

Below is a typical Bar Install with a performance space:

Lighting Systems for Bars & Restaurants

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