Martin Audio Line Array

Martin Audio Line Array and Martin Audio MLA systems combine innovative horn-loading techniques with line array technology to produce extremely powerful systems with maximum dynamic impact.

MLA Compact with Martin AudioBy combining proven and patentable driver-loading techniques with no-compromise vertically-coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns, the Martin Audio line arrays achieve levels of efficiency and coverage consistency not usually found in this popular format.

All Martin Audio line array systems employ dedicated, horn-loaded cone-driven mid-range sections for highly intelligible voice projection. Toroidal phase plugs optimise the acoustically correct horn designs, to provide the precise pattern control and very low distortion that is simply unobtainable from traditional compression driver designs.

This series, offering the same performance as the touring line array systems, has been designed with custom flyware, tailored to the needs of fixed installations. Hinging at the front rather than the rear, the rigging system minimises gaps between the acoustic elements which would otherwise interfere with the continuous column effect. The inter-cabinet splay angles are easily selected by sliding links at the rear of the enclosure.

Martin Audio line arrays – in a class of their own.

Martin Audio installations are a massive part of Old Barn Audio’s business, as they have full sub-distributor status.

To summarise, the range of Martin Audio Line Array we sell at Old Barn Audio are:

W8L Longbow a large scale three way line array enclosure, perfect for the most demanding sound reinforcement applications such as outdoor festivals, sports stadiums and large arenas.
W8LS a dedicated high performance sub-bass system designed to augment the low frequency output of the W8L in large scale applications where the sub-bass enclosures must be flown
W8LD a three way downfill line array downfill enclosure which connects directly to the bottom of a W8L array. Ideal for premium club installations
W8LC a compact high performance three way line array enclosure, designed to bring superb next-generation line array performance to concert, theatre and commercial events
WLX a very high output Hybrid™ folded horn/reflex loaded subwoofer system, used with Martin Audio Wavefront products & ideal for fixed installations
W8LCD a compact, vertically arrayable three-way enclosure which can be used individually or in small quantities for short to medium throw applications as well as a downfill element for the W8LC
WLXGS a hybrid™ horn and reflex loaded subwoofer, smaller and lighter than the WSX and designed to be ground stacked for high output capability and low frequency extension
W8LM a three-way downfill line array enclosure which connects directly to the bottom of a W8L array and covers from the front row out to up to 20m when using two W8LD cabinets. The exceptionally wide dispersion ensures coverage to front row central and off-stage areas
W8LMD a three-way mini, vertically arrayable enclosure, which can be used individually or in small quantities for short to medium throw applications, up to 30 metres. Great for theatre sound reinforcement, corporate events and fixed installations
WMX a hybrid™ horn and reflex loaded compact flown or ground stacked subwoofer. To be used with any Martin Audio Wavefront products for theatre sound reinforcement, corporate events and fixed installations
MLA a multi-cellular line array, fully integrated system. Ideal for large scale sound reinforcement for festivals, arenas, concert halls, theatres and sports venues

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