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Looking for Background Music Systems?

With many pubs now opting to change what they offer their customers, to now include food, music and possibly entertainment, it is vital that the sound within each establishment is excellent. Gone are the days when everyone just went to the pub at the weekend. Obviously there are still many of these pubs around, but lots of venues are now offering a more diverse range of options to encourage new clientele to come back time and time again.

So the food, if offered, has to be excellent. The venue must look great. The entertainment has to be unusual and enjoyable. And the music must be great. It can not be too loud or too quiet – it is vital that it is exactly right for what each place is offering. Many venues have different zones, where they can offer both subtle background music in the relevant locations, through to loud sonically accurate music where necessary.

If you are feeding your customers, then you want a good atmosphere. There is nothing worse than no background noise. It can make customers uncomfortable and they don’t relax and enjoy themselves. If there is subtle easy listening background music, along with great food, it encourages guests to sit back, relax and enjoy themselves, thus spending more time in the venue as well as ultimately more money!

Looking for Background Music SystemsBackground music needs to be subtle and the easiest option is to control it through a mobile device, which then makes it extremely easy to use. Old Barn Audio spend many an hour, programming tablets, so that the music as well as lighting can all be controlled in one place. Many of our customers request this, from pubs and restaurants, through to sporting venues. It must be easy to manage and this is what we are great at. We give you full training, once installed, so that the relevant staff are fully up to speed on how to use the overall system.

So if you own a pub, restaurant, hotel or nightclub and are looking for background music systems, then please get in touch, either by calling us on 01892 752246, email or via our contact form.