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Lovelight Buys Martin Audio Speakers

Throughout the UK, we have built great relationships with other companies. We work hard to create a professional rapport with large and small companies alike and always look to see how we can help other businesses in either growing, or perhaps just a one off for an event. We have know Lovelight Entertainment for quite a while now and find them a really great company to deal with, totally professional and offering a top class service to all their customers.

A wedding event company who supply everything relating to a wedding reception, from the DJ, to the dance floor, sound and lighting as well as all the extra touches that make a wedding really personal to the bride and groom. Lovelight Entertainment work with some really high quality companies and wedding venues and Old Barn Audio are proud to be a part of this. When Dean came to us about buying a range of new speakers, then we were only too happy to help.

Lovelight wanted to buy a range of CDD Live! from Martin Audio, the specialists in quality speaker systems. CDD Live! are the best in portable yet high quality speakers and are taking the world by storm – ideal for companies that need portability as well as great sound. And at a wedding or other event, then this is exactly what is needed.

In total, Lovelight Entertainment have bought:

Having CDD Live speakers will enable the company to offer a “plug in and play” option, whilst giving exceptional sound quality.

Whilst working within one of their regular wedding venues, Lovelight Entertainment carried out a demonstration of their Martin Audio MLA Mini they purchased from Old Barn Audio in 2016. The venue was blown away by the sound created by the MLA Mini  (Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array): an ultra-compact, lightweight design, giving an ideal solution for both live and installed sound. From this demonstration by Lovelight, a further MLA Mini was then sold to the wedding venue!

Lovelight Buys Martin Audio SpeakersThis is what Dean from Lovelight Entertainment has to say about Old Barn Audio:

“Phil and the guys from Old Barn Audio are always extremely willing to help and get things sorted, even to short deadlines; arranging demonstrations so the customer is always happy with their purchase. They offer a great service and we would recommend them to anyone.”

If you are looking to achieve high quality sound in your venue, then get in touch with Old Barn Audio, either on 01892 752246, by email or with our enquiry form.