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Lovelight Entertainment Buys MLA Mini from Old Barn Audio

Lovelight Entertainment Buys MLA Mini

Lovelight Entertainment, based in Harlow Essex, have recently bought a Martin Audio MLA Mini loudpseaker system from Old Barn Audio.

Having worked with the guys at Old Barn for many years, when Dean Williams, MD of Lovelight decided to add to the ever growing speaker systems they offer, it was an ideal match to buy an MLA Mini from Martin Audio.

From dance floors to music to lighting, they cover all that is needed for a great event and the MLA Mini is now an essential part of the set up. This compact piece of kit provides powerful and exciting sound for such an ultra-compact format, but also because of it’s versatility and lightweight design, it also offers a diversity of usage as well as with transport savings and labour required for setup.

Lovelight Entertainment offer high end wedding  and entertainment services and the MLA Mini fully complements the quality this company offers.

If you want to buy Martin Audio speakers or hire an MLA Mini, then please call Old Barn Audio 01892 752246.