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Martin Audio ICT - Old Barn Audio with Justine Clark 2

Martin Audio – Blast from the Past!

Its always great to see old Martin Audio systems still in use today some 20 years after manufacturing, still pumping out the sounds with smooth tones and power!  Martin Audio embrace this too and were delighted to see that the ‘lovely’ Justine Clark is still embracing this technology by regularly gigging with her Martin Audio ICT/ICS/M1 system. Click HERE to read the Martin Audio Facebook blog about her…..

Justine has been using her  battle-scarred Martin Audio ICT/ICS/M1 system for around 10 years now and wouldn’t use anything else – it may be slightly less than perfect superficially but, inside, it sounds just as good as when it left the factory. She describes the power and smoothness of this system as ‘beautiful’ and ‘suits her music perfectly’.

Powered by a modern Martin Audio MA2.8q amplifier, the power created by this ageing system is simply stunning and far superior than many modern systems around to date. Using a Shure Beta 58a through a Soundcraft EFX mixer, gives the Martin Audio ICT a beautifully clear signal path with very little colouration or microphone EQ required to deliver exactly the sound Justine is after. The only addition to this signal path is that of an Aphex Compellor – in our view one of the most underrated compressors around – transparent and perfect for vocal compression. 

Justine gigs regularly all over the south east and is one of the the UK’s premier Wedding Singers – check out her website at and also her Facebook page HERE.