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Martin Audio MA2.0 Electronics

Martin Audio Electronics – Completing the Circuit

Top quality loudspeakers require top quality amplification and control.  Martin Audio offer just that in the MA Series of lightweight and conventional power amplifiers, DX and and the Engineer controllers.

With Martin Audio’s enviable reputation for producing loudspeakers with excellent performance and high durability it is no surprise that our name appears on an equally prestigious range of high quality amplifiers and controllers.

With models suited to both touring and installed audio environments our electronic audio components supply the uncompromising sonic performance and unquestionable reliability required by the most demanding of today’s sound reinforcement applications.

The smaller models such as the Martin Audio MA1.4, the Martin Audio MA2.0, the Martin Audio MA2.8q and the Martin Audio MA3.0 are all based around the Powersoft M Series of amplifiers and are suited to many touring and installation applications.  Ranging from 360w to 900w per channel into an 8Ω load make these amplifiers ideal for installations where smaller speaker enclosures such as the Martin Audio F10+ or the Martin Audio AQ12 are deployed.

The larger models like the Martin Audio MA5.2k, the Martin Audio MA9.6k, the and the largest Martin Audio MA18k however, are based on Powersoft’s K Series of amplifiers.  With outputs ranging from 1400w to 2700w per channel into an 8Ω load makes these amplifiers much more suitable for high end touring and large nightclub or theatre installations.  The large Martin Audio MA18k has one of the highest outputs of any amplifiers on the market today – a whopping 18,000w at 4Ω bridged!

To tame these amplifiers, a range of digital controllers have been made for Martin Audio.  Based on XTA products, the Martin Audio DX1.5 2-in, 6-out and the Martin Audio DX2 4-in, 8-out controllers use the best technology available in today’s ever changing electronics markets.  Using the latest digital signal processing and high sample rates would be wasted if attention is not paid to capturing the signal as faithfully as possible, and reproducing it accurately. The range uses high-performance 24-bit converters on the inputs and outputs, running at 96kHz to give a bandwidth of over 30kHz and a dynamic range in excess of 116dB.

In summary, Martin Audio speakers work best with Martin Audio controllers and Martin Audio amplifiers.  The audio chain is very important – it completes the circuit from performer to listener.