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Martin Audio O-Line Further Enhanced

Martin Audio’s O-Line micro line array has been further enhanced with additional levels of coverage, consistency and control. This is due to the incorporation of scalable resolution, driven by the new iKON amplifiers and updated display array optimisation software.

While a Martin Audio O-Line array can be driven using only one amplifier channel, it can now be combined with an iKON iK81 eight-channel amplifier with onboard DSP to independently control and power each individual enclosure. This new functionality is designed to unlock the full potential of the O-Line. It will help to refine coverage consistency and increase the ability to dial-out the influence of the room by accessing the company’s Display software.

“O-Line has been a tremendous servant to the company, not only for its prowess with challenging acoustic spaces, but also because it laid down the ground work for the development of MLA technology. It’s fitting that events have come full circle, and that recent developments of Wavefront Precision and iKON amplifiers, that borrow so much from MLA, have now enabled extra powers of coverage, consistency and control for O-Line — making it the definitive column micro array solution.” stated by Dom Harter, Managing Director

Please take a look at the full brochure for the Martin Audio O-Line

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