Martin Audio U-Hub

The Martin Audio U-Hub is an Ethernet to U-NET bridge equipped with analogue and AES3 digital audio transport. It facilitates PC connection and VU-NET™ software control of MLA Series arrays and subwoofers via their inbuilt proprietary U-NET network.

Converting TCP/IP to U-NET protocol, U-Hub allows MLA Series enclosures to self-address and identify their position within an array, as well as supporting a simple-to-use redundant loop. With U-Hub, an MLA Series system with onboard U-NET can be seamlessly integrated into a TCP/IP network and controlled via VU-NET software.

When used in conjunction with the Martin Audio DX4.0 networked system controller, U-Hub can connect audio and network to an MLA Series system with a single cable via a Dante™ digital audio network.

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Features of the Martin Audio U-Hub

  • Ethernet to U-NET™ bridge
  • IP addressable (static and dynamic)
  • Analogue and digital audio transport
  • Designed to work with DX4.0 loudspeaker processor for Dante™ digital audio distribution

Ideal applications for the U-Hub

  • Network platform/converter for MLA Series systems
Technical Specifications Download the Martin Audio U-Hub product data sheet