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MEMM Upgrade to Martin Audio LM

Andrew Calderbank, owner and director of MEMM Ltd, has recently upgraded his main audio hire system to the Martin Audio LM Line Array system.

Having used Martin Audio’s award winning W8VDQ‘s as his main front-of-house system since purchasing them from Old Barn Audio in 2010, Andrew has secured much larger work where higher SPL and throw was desired, Andrew made the obvious step investing in the full LM line array system.

Andrew quoted ‘It was a natural progression to take the steps to owning the Martin Audio LM system as we have been so thrilled with the W8VDQ‘s.  Now needing more power and throw, owning more elements of LM, which is what the W8VDQ’s are based on, has given us the opportunity to work at larger events.’

Phil Clark, owner of Old Barn Audio, said ‘We are so very happy MEMM has come back to Old Barn Audio to augment their hire stock. We have built a very large customer base over the years and to continue to serve repeat customers is something we are very proud of’.

MEMM will be taking their new Martin Audio LM system on the road to shows all over the south of England during 2015. Their philosophy of Making Events More Musical continues – please visit them at

Please contact Old Barn Audio on +44(0)1892 752246 for more information on the entire Martin Audio range.