Meyer Sound X-800C

The Meyer Sound X-800C subwoofer supports full-range cinema speakers with 1,240 watts of visceral low-end punch, for bone-shaking bass in every seat. Designed to provide very low-frequencies with ample headroom in critical applications.

The X-800 Studio and X-800C Cinema versions from the EXP line of products excel in environments requiring very low distortion, extended bandwidth and extreme low frequency transients. The X-800C is a linear, powerful self powered subwoofer offering excellent phase coherence for smooth transitioning from screen channels to low-frequency effects (LFE). Delivering extended low frequency output down to 20 Hz with clear, punchy transients even at very high levels.

Features of the Meyer Sound X-800C

  • High peak power yields excellent transient reproduction
  • Extended low frequency range down to 20 Hz
  • Extremely low distortion for ultimate low frequency clarity
  • Exceptionally reliable and durable

Ideal Applications

  • Motion picture theaters
  • Dub stages
  • Production and post production facilities
  • Soundtrack recording and mixing

Next steps

Old Barn Audio feel very privileged to be working with the American AV giant, Meyer Sound. Are you  responsible for achieving an extremely high performance sound system into your venue? If you are looking for a system that includes the Meyer Sound X-800C, or any other products from Meyer Sound, then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio – UK Meyer Sound Dealers. Either by calling us on 01892 752246, by email or via our contact form.

Technical Specifications Download the Meyer Sound X-800C product data sheet