Meyer Sound Amie-Sub

The linear, self-powered Meyer Sound Amie-Sub compact subwoofer offers outstanding sonic characteristics. Such as lean, punchy transients and excellent phase coherence with impressive low-frequencies down to 22 Hz in a compact cabinet. The Amie-Sub was specifically designed to be the perfect companion for Amie studio monitors. Creating a complete system by extending the system frequency response down to the lower limit of the audible range with easy integration in multi-channel configurations.

In addition, due its performance and versatility, the Amie-Sub is equally suited to complement other Meyer Sound loudspeakers, such as HMS-5, HMS-10, HMS-12, and HMS-15 in immersive surround applications or across other more general applications with UltraSeries loudspeakers.

The Amie-Sub has an operating frequency range of 22–160 Hz and a linear peak SPL of 124.5 dB with crest factor >11.5 dB, measured in half-space at 4 m and referred to 1 m using M-noise. The Amie-Sub includes a single 15-inch, low distortion, long-excursion cone driver. The bass reflex cabinet employs optimized port design for high efficiency and low port distortion. Its slanted connector panel facilitates flush-mounting the cabinet against wall surfaces, reducing required installation depth to 19 inches including connectors.

Features of the Meyer Sound Amie Sub

  • Linear frequency, phase and amplitude response with sonic accuracy at any level with high peak power output and excellent transient reproduction
  • Extended low frequency range down to 22 Hz
  • Extremely low distortion for exceptional low-frequency clarity
  • Optional modules allow seamless integration with Amie precision monitors to create bass-managed stereo systems and immersive systems up to 7.1
  • Self-powered design simplifies setup and increases reliability
  • Integrates with HMS-5, HMS-10, HMS-12 and HMS-15 surround loudspeakers in immersive  applications
  • Integrates with Ultra Series loudspeakers in general applications
  • Optional U-bracket allows flexibility of mounting in ceilings

Ideal Applications

  • Small- to medium-sized mixing or editing rooms
  • Stereo and immersive mixing for music, film and video post-production
  • Broadcast monitoring
  • Music, film and video editing
  • Fixed installations requiring a compact high-power subwoofer
  • Any installation requiring a compact a low-distortion, high-power subwoofer that goes down to 22 Hz.
  • High-end playback systems

Next steps

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Technical Specifications Download the Meyer Sound Amie-Sub product data sheet