Meyer Sound Amie

The Meyer Sound Amie studio monitor is a compact high performance loudspeaker that has been designed for critical audio workflows in both music and cinema. Especially where accurate translation to larger systems is a requirement.

Amie allows you to hear your work with unparalleled precision, image and depth.

Amie is equally suited for both stereo and multi-channel monitoring in small- to medium-sized rooms.  In any application, the addition of an AmieSub extends the system frequency response down to 22 Hz. The Amie Sub was specifically designed to be the companion for Amie loudspeakers – facilitating the creation of a complete system with easy integration for any configuration using the 7.1 and 2.1 integration modules installed in the Amie-Sub. A complete system is the perfect solution for music as well as for film work where the destination is a larger production room.

Features of the Meyer Sound Amie

  • Phase linearity and low distortion creates accurate imaging and reduces listener fatigue due to time smearing and unwanted harmonics
  • Incredible accuracy for music mixes that translate consistently to any medium
  • Seamless translation to larger cinema systems
  • Linear frequency and amplitude response with sonic accuracy at any level and uniform tonal balance over a wide dynamic range
  • High peak power minimizes distortion and compression and yields high crest factor
  • Constant-directivity waveguide yields precise coverage reducing room interactions
  • Self-powered design simplifies setup and increases reliability

Ideal Applications

  • Small- to medium-sized mixing or editing rooms
  • Stereo and immersive mixing for music, film and video post-production
  • Broadcast monitoring
  • Music, film and video editing
  • High-end playback systems

Next steps

Old Barn Audio feel very privileged to be working with the American AV giant, Meyer Sound. Are you  responsible for achieving an extremely high performance sound system into your venue? If you are looking for a system that includes Meyer Sound studio monitors, or any other products from Meyer Sound, then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio – UK Meyer Sound Dealers. Either by calling us on 01892 752246, by email or via our contact form.

Technical Specifications Download the Meyer Sound Amie product data sheet