Meyer Sound Ultra-X40 Compact Loudspeaker

The Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40 brings the technology breakthroughs in our flagship LEO Family line arrays to a versatile, compact loudspeaker. Its innovative concentric-driver configuration couples two 8-inch cone drivers to a rotatable waveguide surrounding a 3-inch high-frequency compression driver, to deliver smooth response across its entire range and directional control down to 400 Hz.

Meyer Sound’s ULTRA-X40 and ULTRA-X42 designs continue the tradition of the highly successful UPA loudspeakers. So versatile they have been a universal standard in almost every application for over 35 years. From touring performances to theme parks, worship venues to theatre shows, through to university lecture halls and large scale concerts. Meyer Sound technology has delivered exceptional fidelity with high power, low distortion, and uniformly predictable behaviour.

Meyer Sound have incorporated technology from the popular and award-winning LEO® family of loudspeakers to bring multiple enhancements to bear in the ULTRA-X40/42 designs. They offer an innovative, highly efficient class-D amplifier and advanced signal processing that reproduce any sound source with linearity over a wide dynamic range.

The weight reduction of 25 lb (11 kg), as well as a reduction in overall size compared to the UPA  loudspeakers for increased power-to-weight and -size ratios. They have concentric driver configuration with all the benefits of a coaxial driver, yet none of the disadvantages. In addition, this configuration supports directional control of frequencies down to 400 Hz.

Also having extremely well-behaved, rotatable horns designed for very precise, even coverage. These horn designs, in conjunction with the concentric driver configuration, deliver consistent patterns despite the orientation.

Features of the Meyer Sound Ultra-X40

  • Exceptional fidelity and surprising power capability delivered in a compact, light enclosure
  • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response ensures tonal accuracy and precise imaging
  • Wide (ULTRA-X40) or Controlled (ULTRA-X42) pattern
  • Rotatable horn provides installation flexibility
  • Integral stand mount and QuickFly® mounting options facilitate rigging

Ideal Applications

  • Stadiums and theme parks
  • Concert halls and houses of worship
  • Theatrical sound reinforcement
  • Portable and installed audio-visual systems
  • Nightclubs

Next steps

Old Barn Audio feel very privileged to be working with the American AV giant, Meyer Sound. Are you  responsible for achieving an extremely high performance sound system into your venue? If you are looking for a system that includes the Meyer Sound Ultra-X40 compact loudspeakers, or any other products from Meyer Sound, then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio – UK Meyer Sound Dealers. Either by calling us on 01892 752246, by email or via our contact form.

Technical Specifications Download the Meyer Sound Ultra-X40 Compact Loudspeaker product data sheet