Meyer Sound UPM-2XP

The Meyer Sound UPM‑2XP, with IntelligentDC technology, is a compact, externally-powered, narrow-coverage loudspeaker for professional sound reinforcement. It offers the same high sound pressure levels, low distortion, and uniform directional control as the UPM‑2P but with the added flexibility of external DC power and support for lengthy cable runs without AC conduits. The UPM‑2XP is ideally suited for narrow-coverage applications requiring a small, inconspicuous cabinet where AC cabling is not feasible.

As a standalone loudspeaker, the UPM‑2XP can be used for vocal reinforcement, frontfill coverage, or delay coverage for underbalcony applications. For full-range systems, the UPM‑2XP can be paired with Meyer Sound’s UMS‑1XP ultracompact subwoofer with IntelligentDC technology..

The UPM-1P and UPM-1XP enable a wide symmetrical pattern covering a broad listening area, while the UPM-2P and the UPM-2XP offer a narrow, symmetrical pattern providing precise coverage control.

Features of the Meyer Sound UPM-2XP

  • IntelligentDC technology affords the flexibility of lengthy cable runs without AC conduits
  • Exceptional fidelity and power capability delivered in an ultracompact package
  • Metal dome tweeter provides a smooth high-frequency response
  • Narrow, symmetrical pattern provides precise coverage control
  • Unique crossover design eliminates combing for consistent midrange response
  • Exceptional SPL to size ratio supports a variety of applications

Ideal Applications

  • Portable and installed audio-visual systems
  • Theatrical sound reinforcement
  • Front and under-balcony fill coverage
  • Effects for theatre
  • Compact voice reinforcement systems
Technical Specifications Download the Meyer Sound UPM-2XP product data sheet