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Namm 2018 Pro Audio Exhibition Wing a Success

After many years of anticipation, the NAMM Show expanded this year into ACC North, a newly built, 200,000-square-foot facility that is packed almost entirely with pro audio exhibitors. Among those many manufacturers presenting their latest and greatest offerings, reactions to the new building were largely positive on the first day, and foot-traffic from convention-goers was strong.

It’s an enticing space for presenting loudspeaker hangs and the like, but there’s a caveat: The new building is separate from the rest of the convention center. To get inside ACC North, attendees either have to leave the main convention center and then wait on security lines to get into the new facility, or they have to go upstairs inside the convention center to take a small pedestrian walkway—dubbed the Skybridge—between the two buildings’ second floors.

Accordingly, there was some trepidation whether attendees would make the effort to see the pro audio area, but concerns proved to be largely unfounded.

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