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Newmarket Academy

Newmarket Academy

Newmarket Academy are to have a new sound and light system installed. The project commences next week, before the new school year starts.

This school will be gaining from new and effective sound and lighting in the main hall as well as a great lighting system to be installed into the dance studio.

In total Old Barn Audio will be installing:



  • 10 x Robe moving beam spots
  • 14 x Moving LED washes
  • 2 x DMX Controllers
  • 1 x 6 metre loaded bar
  • 2 x DMX wall plates

Old Barn Audio have worked in many schools and colleges over the years. We are highly experienced in knowing what system will be most effective in which area – from the classrooms, lecture halls, the corridors, to the main school hall or sporting halls.

If you have a school, college or university and are looking for an effective lighting and/or sound system then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either by calling us on 01892 752246emailing us or filling in the Enquiry Form.