The OHM CT-26 background loudspeaker is an ultra compact passive two way loudspeaker giving a natural, open and well controlled sound from an unobtrusive wooden enclosure.

This OHM speaker comes standard in black or white and upon request is available in various colours to blend in to any decor.

When more bass is required the low frequency range can easily be extended, for example, with the CS-208 or CS-15 subwoofer giving more full range performance and improved clarity with more punch.

Using dedicated OHM mounting hardware allows quick and easy installation with an aesthetically pleasing result.

Features of OHM CT-26

  • Increased SPL over CT-6
  • Enhanced vertical dispersion control
  • Shared voicing with CT-6 allows perfect mix and match options

The OHM CT-26 utilises two custom designed 6″ drivers comprising of 4 layer sandwich 35 mm voice coils with true piston cone for the low frequency reproduction. To achieve 100 x 40 degree high frequency dispersion a 1″ coil, horn loaded HF compression device is used. The internal phase aligned crossover network incorporates an impedance correction circuit which stabalises the crossover functions to minimise distortion. The two 6 inch low frequency drivers are mounted in this D’appolito configuration (MTM) to improve the vertical dispersion control compared to CT-6.

To ensure that the CT-26 is as versatile as possible for installation there are three mounting points on the top, bottom and rear of the cabinet. Each of the mounting points are made with two M8 threaded holes positioned to fit the OHM mounting hardware. Flexible connection and linking options are available via the OHM combi backplate Which houses a combination of binding post and two speakon compatible connectors.

All of this comes in a small compact wooden cabinet minimising harmful resonance whilst at the same time maximising the sonic performance.

Technical Specifications Download the OHM CT-26 product data sheet