OHM BRS-12 Subwoofer

OHM’s BRS-12 subwoofer an ultra-compact, invisible style subwoofer, designed for installation or portability. With exceptional low frequency of 39 Hz and fast response time of the 12” long excursion driver, the BRS-12 is capable of 129 dB SPL. Weighing 23kg with integrated handles this product is perfect for portable use. With discreet installation in mind, the 333mm low profile design allows for easy installation under industry standard fixed seating.

BRS-12 is a 12” reflex tuned subwoofer designed to be used with the BRT series of mid high cabinets extending low frequency response. This conventionally shaped cabinet can be hidden against a wall or under seating. When used in multiples the BRS-12 can cover a large room and still blend in nicely to the interior. The discreet design with reticulated foam front and acrylic textured paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application.

Mounting options include a threaded insert for pole mounting of mid-high cabinets, location cups for easy storage or stacking together when used in a larger system and internal pocket handles for easy transportation.

The rear connector plate has two binding post connections wired +1-1 & two 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link. The speakON® connectors are wired on pins +1-1, with pass through of pins +2-2.

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Features of OHM BRS-12 Subwoofers

  • Compact small physical footprint
  • 12” Long excursion driver
  • Exceptional low frequency of 39 Hz
  • 129 dB SPL
  • Designed for portable use or fixed installations
Technical Specifications Download the OHM BRS-12 Subwoofer product data sheet