OHM Cronus Subwoofer

OHM’s Cronus Subwoofer is designed to give additional bass enhancement to Cronus mid-high cabinets. Featuring a UK built 18” LVC driver delivering our signature sound. The Cronus Sub is easy to handle with recessed ergonomic pocket handles.

The rear cast aluminium connection plate has two 4 pin speakON®connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link. The speakON® connectors are wired on pins +1-1, with pass through of pins +2-2.

Please call us at Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 if you have any questions or would like to buy or have installed the OHM Cronus subwoofers or indeed any other product from the OHM Range.

Features of OHM Cronus Subwoofers

  • Compact vertical design with small physical footprint
  • Aesthetically matched to echo the design of the Cronus cabinet
  • Integrated pole mount option
  • Tough wearing textured paint finish
Technical Specifications Download the OHM Cronus Subwoofer product data sheet