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Sennheiser and Old Barn Audio

Old Barn Audio Agree To Use Sennheiser

After many happy years of using AKG, Old Barn Audio have decided to switch to Sennheiser for all of their wireless needs for their installations.  Both manufacturers are highly respected throughout the industry but Sennheiser, having recently brought out the new XS range of microphones, made a compelling solution to change – mainly due to price.

Industry veteran Simon Holley, who is known to Old Barn Audio from working with Bose, convinced Phil Clark and Neil Kavanagh, directors of Old Barn Audio, that this was the best route forward. So far, all of the audio installations completed by Old Barn Audio over the last few months using Sennheiser have worked out fantastically.

For more information about Old Barn Audio’s audio installations, please call 01892 752246