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Old Barn Audio Martin Audio MLA Compact

Old Barn Audio Sell Martin Audio MLA Compact to Doug Hunt Sound & Light

It is with great pleasure that Old Barn Audio can announce that they have sold their first MLA Compact system to Doug Hunt Sound & Light.

The newly developed Hybrid MLA Compact is the first ever sold on UK soil and Old Barn Audio are very proud to be a part of it.  The new Hybrid systems are MLA Compact elements and Martin Audio’s infamous WS218X sub.  The choice to purchase a Hybrid MLA compact was a sensible option for Doug Hunt Sound & Light as it offers massive potential to ensure the system is hired regularly but at a reduced price due to the subs not being part of the MLA family.

 Doug Hunt Sound & Light who are heavily involved with many production companies, including work at Abbey Road, saw an opportunity to invest in the fantastic growing portfolio of MLA products and ensure they are always one step ahead of their competition by offering the MLAOld Barn Audio with Martin Audio MLA Compact and Doug Hunt control and quality of sound.  Doug Hunt, owner or Doug Hunt Sound & Light quotes ‘I am absolutely amazed at this system.  The reaction I receive from all working around us is one of astonishment that the sound is so linear.  I have mixed on many systems in many venues and I know when I revisit these same venues, the MLA Compact will allow me to do my job properly!’

 Rigging and training took place at Doug Hunt Sound & Light’s Essex base where Andy Davies spent three days with Doug Hunt and his staff where scenarios were played out and the system tailored.  Also present at the sessions was Phil Clark from Old Barn Audio who said ‘We are so very happy to have sold this Hybrid MLA Compact to Doug Hunt Sound & Light.  Doug has been a fantastic customer over the years and we Martin Audio MLA Rigging with Old Barn Audioknow his company will now flourish further and faster with the MLA Compact being part of his stock holding.’



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