Omega Pro Audio Install Series

Welcome to the Omega Pro Install Series, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional sound performance. Elevate your audio experience with these new to market and state-of-the-art loudspeakers. Designed for seamless integration into any environment. The Omega Pro Audio set of loudspeakers delivers unparalleled clarity and precision. With a sleek design, these speakers effortlessly blend into any space while providing a powerful, immersive soundstage. Explore the next level of audio excellence with the Omega Pro Audio Install Series – where sophistication meets simplicity, setting the stage for a truly extraordinary auditory journey.

Omega Pro Audio are not just another audio manufacturer; they are a dynamic UK-based startup on a mission to redefine audio excellence. Their journey began in June 2022, and since then, their passionate  team has been making waves in the pro audio world. So what sets them apart? It’s the diverse skills and  expertise they bring to the table. The team comprises of many long standing masterminds in loudspeaker acoustics, amplifier and crossover electronics, CNC woodwork, metal machining and driver assembly.

The Omega Pro Audio Install Series is going to be a huge hit with our customers and will be a fast growing market for Old Barn Audio. If you are looking to buy or have installed the Omega Pro Audio Install Series, then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either call on 01892 752246email us or please fill in the Enquiry Form.