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New Sound for a West London Church

Orthodox Church in Acton Signs with OBA

An Orthodox Church in Acton, West London has just signed with Old Barn Audio for a new sound system. They want to have a reliable audio visual system that will give their parishioners effective viewing as well as great sound and acoustics; which is why they contacted the guys at Old Barn.

Churches can be a challenge, with the high ceilings and large open spaces, but with Old Barn’s vast amount of experience in church sound systems as well as audio visual, they always know the right products to use in each installation.

OBA are just booking a date to go in for the 1st fix on this new installation.

Included in the new sound system for the church is:

This will be another great church sound system for Old Barn Audio and will add to the long list of churches that they have successfully installed and been a part of.