Powersoft Installations

Old Barn Audio have been working with this amplifier giant for a while now and are proud to be stockists and resellers for Powersoft installations. Their amplifiers blend extremely well with the Martin Audio installations that OBA have been working with for many years now and are pleased to be welcoming Powersoft to the Old Barn Audio family.

Since 1995 Powersoft has been developing breakthrough technologies that have changed the landscape of professional audio. A pioneer in switched-mode technology, Powersoft has made Class-D reliable and effective, as a matter of fact improving its performances to a level unheard of before and making it widely accepted as industry standard.

Alongside the switched-mode technology that Powersoft has introduced, other patented technologies that increased the efficiency of its amplifiers, such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Power Factor Correction (PFC), Differential Pressure Control (DPC) and Smart Rails Management (SRM).

If you are looking at Powersoft installations, perhaps just to buy, or maybe hire then call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 or email enquiries@oldbarnaudio.co.uk for further information.