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Powersoft M Series from Old Barn Audio

The Powersoft M Series – Compact yet powerful

Choosing the correct speakers and amplifiers for your business venue can be a challenge. There are so many products on the market, all claiming to offer something really amazing!

The products we will recommend using are Martin Audio and Powersoft. Powersoft amplifiers come in different sizes, depending on your venue. They are an ideal range of amplifiers; a premium brand but with entry level prices.

The M Series from Powersoft  is the perfect solution for high end projects, where low power, multiple zones are required. The 1u chassis makes space saving easy and the simple connectivity makes setup a breeze. Available with or without DSP, the M Series  amplifiers from Powersoft are perfect for small to medium installations, small touring or monitor systems.

We supply and install the following Powersoft M Series:

  • Powersoft M50q – 5,000W across four channels in a single rack space unit weighing in at 7.4 kg, the Powersoft M50Q is equally versatile in touring and permanently installed racks
  • Powersoft M28q – 700 W at 4Ω from each of four channels with bridgeable pairs makes a single M28Q fantastic for powering a complete bi-amped stereo system, a 3-way mono stack, or a variety of floor monitors
  • Powersoft M30d – optimized for 4Ω or 8Ω and, with its output power, ideal for small to medium sized sound systems where no more than two 8Ω loads are connected in parallel
  • Powersoft M20d – outstanding value in any small to medium sized sound system where an efficient, compact and good sounding amplifier is expected to work reliably
  • Powersoft M14d – a small, compact, switch-mode, first class amplifier

These compact amplifiers are perfect for small gigging bands, DJs and small PA hire companies. We also install them into restaurants, bars, churches and some sporting venues. The Powersoft M Series is one of the most versatile of the Powersoft range.

As well as design and installation of sound systems, we are also happy to sell the Powersoft range. Please call Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 if you want to enquire.