Powersoft Quattrocanali Series

Powersoft Quattrocanali Series offers the renowned sound quality and reliability of all Powersoft’s Amplifier Platforms.

Powersoft Quattrocanali SeriesThe patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology allows up for the maximization of the system’s efficiency.

With Output Powers ranging from 300W to 1200W per channel, in-depth control, and monitoring capabilities, Quattrocanali is designed to be conveniently tailored to all small to medium-sized installation projects.

Please call us at Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 if you have any questions or would like to buy Powersoft Quattrocanali Series amplifiers or any other product from the Quattrocanali Series of the Install Powersoft Amplifiers.

Quattrocanali 1204 4x300W Amplifier Platform. Plus with DP and Dante™
Quattrocanali 2404 4x600W Amplifier platform. Plus with DP and Dante™
Quattrocanali 4804 4x1200W Amplifier platform. Plus with DP and Dante™

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