We are sub-distributors for all of these following major brands. We also work with many other products, depending on the project requirements

Martin Audio

Old Barn Audio have been prestigiously offered UK Sub-Distributor status with Martin Audio. This accolade is very rarely offered but has cemented the relationship that Old Barn Audio and Martin Audio share. From the very beginning,…

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Powersoft Amplifiers

Since 1995 Powersoft has been developing breakthrough technologies that have changed the landscape of professional audio. A pioneer in switched-mode technology, Powersoft has made Class-D reliable and effective, as a matter of fact improving its performances…

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OHM Installations

Along with our Martin Audio installations and Powersoft installations, we also find we are now installing OHM speakers and line array to our customers. Another superior speaker that can be installed in venues such as…

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Installers of Crown Amplifiers

Crown Amplifiers

Along with our Martin Audio, Powersoft and OHM installations, we are also installers of Crown amplifiers for our customers. Another superior amplifier that can be installed in venues such as cafes, restaurants and bars, through to cathedrals…

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Symetrix Installations

Symetrix delivers high performance audio hardware and software. Some of the Symetrix installations we work with range from simple single unit budget installations to lareg stadiums and everything in between. The purpose of Symetrix is…

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BSS By Harman

Soundweb London represents a truly flexible and scalable system implementing all the major networked audio protocols. Old Barn Audio will normally install the BLU 800 signal processor, along with the Blu 100 or 50 I/O…

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