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Pub Chain Starts Working with Old Barn Audio

As well as working in nightclubs, we carry out a lot of installations into bars and restaurants. Another client who has recently signed with Old Barn Audio is the DoDo Pubs chain. Reading through their About Us page is actually really inspiring – sounds like they have taken their time and done a great job so far, building their chain!

They are now opening the third pub in their chain of down to earth pubs and eateries. Their newest pub, The Bottle of Sauce, (great name!) is coming to Cheltenham in November 2016 and looks like it is going to be an amazing venue. The newest addition to DoDo Pubs looks like it will offer something a little different though. A larger venue with an outside area and “barn”, as well as other rooms for different aspects of the bar and restaurant. Their brief was to have music spread evenly through the venue, as well as being able to segregate each zone; the ability to cope with live music as well as seamless background music. So they called in the guys from Old Barn Audio to see how they could help.

OBA have now been asked to supply and commission the following:

This suite of speakers will help distribute sound seamlessly throughout the new Cheltenham venue; from the barn, through the bifold doors to the courtyard outside, with the weather resistant Martin Audio speakers. Then into the bar area, the games room and also the smaller and intimate reading room.

Looking forward to going to Cheltenham and working with these guys – a great work ethic…


If you want to speak to the guys at Old Barn Audio, then please either pick up the phone and call us on 01892 752246 or make an enquiry and someone will get in touch.