Church Sound Installations
St Mary's Church, Hadlow

St Mary’s Church, Hadlow

Old Barn Audio were contacted by St Mary’s Church, Hadlow, towards the end of last year. Last week we carried out the installation. As a company, Old Barn Audio will always re-use and adjust a system, if possible.

We will never overcharge or install a system just for the sake of it. When we assessed St Mary’s church in Hadlow, Kent, this was the perfect situation, where there was only an small upgrade needed, as well as some re-positioning and updating.

Existing System

The component parts were decent quality except for the radio systems, which were no longer on licence free frequencies and those sited under the wooden plinth were single channel models with a small radio signal range, so would drop out on occasions.

The Nave speakers were poorly orientated. So much of the sound leaving them did not go to the congregation but hit the walls or were fired upwards. This had the effect of the system sounding quieter than it should, so it would need to be turned up louder than necessary, inducing feedback at a seemingly lower volume level.

The Chancel speakers were in odd positions, especially the unit halfway down the wall.

The Audio mixer had limited tonality adjustment – only treble and bass. It was not therefore possible to trim any prevalent mid-range frequencies where feedback exists, so the only option was to turn the system down. Accordingly, the overall system volume was restricted below what might be desirable especially for the quieter speaking and children.

The loop system was well specified and would be acceptable.


The speakers could be retained but were re-oriented and re-positioned.

The amplifier could also be retained but we added volume controls to offer zoning for the Nave and Chancel.

We removed the existing audio mixer and replaced it with a digital wi-fi model. These units have no surface mounted controls so can never be tampered with. All adjustment as required is via a tablet or Smartphone anywhere in the church and operation simple and intuitive. The on-board audio tools are far better than on any analogue system, enabling accurate tuning and easy to understand labelling. A USB port was also included, so music can be selected and operated wirelessly via a memory stick.


  • UHF radio microphone systems
  • Local volume controls
  • 1 x 12 channel wi-fi audio mixer
  • 1 x 300 Mps wi-fi router for above

If you have been tasked with finding an effective audio and/or video installation for your church then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either by calling us on (+44)1892 752246, by emailing us or filling in our contact form, then someone will get back in touch. We have over 30 years experience with church sound systems and understand the approach needed with many period buildings such as these.