Martin Audio

Surrey Church to Receive New Sound

Another new set of pro audio sound equipment has just been ordered for a church in Surrey.

Old Barn Audio have worked in over 300 churches. Period buildings need sympathetic treatment and experts are required to ensure the aesthetics and acoustics are optimised in buildings such as these.

Our intention is that we will always retain as much of the existing equipment as we can, keeping budgets as tight as possible. The electronics will continue to reside in this vestry. The existing Samson power amplifier, loop system and radio microphones will be retained.

The newly installed Martin Audio speakers will be mounted off the timber upstands and aimed directly down and across the pews. This will create specific listening zones, which is ideal for clarity in acoustically challenging buildings.

In total, Old Barn Audio will be installing:

The mixers have no external controls so any adjustment is via tablet or phone. On power up, the audio mixers default to the last setting, so for many services no tablet / phone operation will be required. A memory stick is included which can store music, enabling start, pause and stop to be controlled via the operating device.

If you have been tasked with finding an effective audio and/or video installation for your church then please get in touch with Old Barn Audio. Either by calling us on +44 (0)1892 752246, by emailing us or filling in our contact form, then someone will get back in touch.