Symetrix Radius AEC

If you are looking for a fully progammable touch screen system, via a monitor, iPad or other mobile device, to control sound or lighting within your business premises, then the ideal option is a Symetrix Radius AEC.

Another excellent product from the Radius series, this system gives automatic echo cancellation.

A complete audio AEC solution in a single box. Having 8 AEC inputs, 4 aux inputs, 8 outputs, an expansion slot for any Symetrix audio I/O option card, and Dante network port.

Giving dedicated wide band processing, zero latency direct outputs and discreet references. Input from mic/line or internally routed signal, unique features that combine to deliver perfect sound to far end participants.

Scalable Dante™ network audio – 64×64.  For projects of any size, Dante™ digital audio over Ethernet is an industry standard method used to interconnect Radius, Prism, and Edge DSP’s, Symetrix analog I/O expanders, and a growing range of select Dante equipped third-party devices including microphones, loudspeakers, power amps, mixing consoles, and computers.

On-board 10/100 and gigabit switches.  Unique to Symetrix Radius and Edge DSP’s, built in switches lower system cost, reduce complexity, help to eliminate third-party peripherals while increasing system reliability.

AEC + any other required processing.  In addition to dedicated AEC processing Radius AEC reserves an entire Sharc DSP chip for all the other processing requirements in and around the conference room: voice lift, room combine, mic and speaker EQ profiles, feedback fighter, automixing, and more. Everything in a single box.

More usable I/O in one unit.  The addition of a versatile option card slot reduces total system costs by maximizing the number of inputs or outputs in a single 1U DSP. For example, adding a 4 Channel Analog Input card creates a 16×8 analog configuration; with a 4 Channel Analog Output card the result is 12×12. The expansion slot supports an array of audio I/O cards including 4-channel analog, 4-channel digital, 4-channel AEC and multi-line VoIP and analog telephone.

The control is made easy.  Multiple control options include the zero cost ARC-WEB browser interface, low-cost Symetrix ARC wall panels, and an easy to generate SymVue Windows GUI. A stable, human readable protocol is used to program third-party touch screens.

There are multiple user control options.  Zero cost ARC-WEB browser based interfaces, low cost Symetrix ARC wall panels, easy to implement SymVue GUI executable for Windows machines, and programmable third-party touch screens.

Powerful, efficient DSP configured using award winning CAD design software*.  Composer software processes audio and control signals in nearly unlimited ways serving countless applications. Unique to Composer is the ability to natively configure Symetrix along with select third party Dante hardware – thereby eliminating the confusion of multiple or redundant software applications.

 Winner of Sound & Video Contractor – Best of Show InfoComm 2014

Please call us at Old Barn Audio on 01892 752246 if you have any questions or want to have installed any of the Symetrix Programmable systems, using touch screen technology into your business venue.

Features of the Symetrix Radius AEC :

  • Full open architecture
  • Fully programmable
  • AEC Automatic Echo Cancellation
  • Serial output control
  • Dante™ enabled

Ideal Applications for the Symetrix Radius AEC :

Technical Specifications Download the Symetrix Radius AEC product data sheet